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Name:Ariyana's Community for Icons and Resources
Website:Ari's Journal
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:fandom inspired graphics

-Credit either [personal profile] ariyanaforever or [community profile] ariyana_creations on dreamwidth. [ profile] ariyanaforever or [ profile] icon_corral on livejournal. [ profile] ariyanaforever or [ profile] icon_corral on insanejournal or [ profile] ariyanaforever on Tumblr.

-Please do not steal and claim as your own. I spent a lot of time screencapping and tweaking the images to make them into suitable bases or icons. I am serious about this. I enjoy sharing with others, but if you steal my stuff and claim it as your own work, I will name and shame you on all the public forums.

-You're more then welcome to customize any of the bases you see here, but please credit the creation of the base among your resources.

-If a post is marked as Icons/Graphics, those are not meant to be used as bases. If you would like to modify then please ask first.

-For the love of god please DO NOT HOTLINK. It does not take much time or effort to open your own photobucket account and they are free. There is also and which are also free.

-Comments not required but they are love.

-Please do not try to join the community. Merely friend it if you wish to keep track of what I post here.

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