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Suggestions & Requests Page!

Right now I do icons of things that strike my fancy. But I'm more than willing to take suggestions if you think of other fandoms, movies, series, characters and so on that could use some love. I'll icon both live action and animated. I'm also fine with iconing comics and stock images too. The only thing I don't do is manga coloring because it is time consuming for me and I have no talent for it. As far as fanart goes, I'll only icon it if the original source can be cited.

If you'd like to make a request, that's fine. But I have a few guidelines for requests.

→ Images must be provided. Either links to the direct images (please don't link me to massive galleries and just expect me to schlock through them) or a zip containing the caps/images that you would like made into icons.

→ Images must be High to Medium quality, though the higher quality the better the icon will look.

→ Only twenty (20) icons per each request & only one request at a time per person. If you need a larger batch of icons done, then PM me and we can discuss it. As it all greatly depends on my real life schedule. Please note, that I don't charge money or dw points for making icons as this is something I do to relax and charging money would only put pressure on me, that I don't need.

That's about it, really. I automatically assume requests are non-sharable, but if you wouldn't mind them being shared, then just make a note of it in your request.

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