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Man of Steel
→ Lois Lane [50]

Lois Lane Icons )

Note: The screencaps for these icons come from [personal profile] buttjobs, whom was nice enough to cap the movie for me, by my request. I made these for [personal profile] ravynstoneabbey because there is an extreme lack of public Lois Lane from Man of Steel icons to be had. It's a small batch by my standards, but since I took so long in getting these out, I just decided to go with a small batch of fifty. I still have many batches planned and in the works, I'm just slow due to work. There is going to be a ton more Marvel, period piece and animated features icons coming up in the next couple of months with any luck. Thank you for all those who follow me and wait patiently for my batches.


-Credit either [personal profile] ariyanaforever or [community profile] ariyana_creations on dreamwidth. [ profile] ariyanaforever or [ profile] icon_corral on livejournal or [ profile] ariyanaforever or [ profile] icon_corral on insanejournal or [ profile] ariyanaforever on tumblr.

-All of these are icons and NOT bases. Please do not edit them.

-For the love of god please DO NOT Hotlink. It does not take much time or effort to open your own photobucket account and they are free.

-Comments not required but they are so much love and very appreciated.


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